educational-text-1At Adventure Activities we believe we’re fairly unique in being able to provide a full range of Educational Programmes, linked with the Northern Ireland Curriculum for Key Stages 3 and 4, specifically designed for your school requirements which help to develop literacy and numeracy skills.

Our courses comprise of Induction Days for 1st Year and 6th Form pupils, S.O.S 24/7 (Survive Outside School Life Skills), Leadership Courses and Staff Development Day Programmes for Schools and Colleges.

All of our specifically designed bespoke courses and activities offer pupils and teachers the opportunity to develop Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities through

  • Managing Information
  • Working with Others
  • Thinking, Problem Solving, Decision Making
  • Self Management and Being Creative

by promoting and encouraging various Learning Experiences which are

  • Linked to other curriculum areas
  • Relevant and enjoyable
  • Skills integrated
  • Active and hands on
  • Enquiry based
  • Varied to suit learning styles
  • Challenging and engaging
  • All in a supportive environment

The benefit with any of our Educational Programmes is that we specifically tailor your needs within a specially designed programme at your school. All of our programmes are developed and written by a fully qualified teacher who is registered with the General Teaching Council for Northern Ireland, and delivered by a team of experienced, skilled and highly trained members of staff. So whether it’s a day designed for pupils, a monthly programme or an afternoon set aside for staff development, let us help.